About Me


I amHeather a spiritual director and personal transformation coach. I love meeting with others who desire to encounter God’s love and increase their awareness of God’s presence and movement in their life. I partner with those looking for a deep journey of transformation that brings about freedom to live from the center of their true self and an increased ability to love in relationship to self, others, God, and creation. This process involves cultivating curiosity towards, observing, and listening to your whole self – body, mind, and heart. It also involves exploring and shedding your past conditioning that is currently getting in the way of living from your inherent wholeness. Lastly,  it involves developing an ability to listen to what God is inviting you into in each season of your life and learning to trust that natural unfolding.

Here is a little bit about my background. My husband Charlie and I co-directed a college ministry where we provided pastoral counseling, facilitated small groups, spoke and lead spiritual practices. I completed a MA in Marital and Family Therapy from Bethel Seminary San Diego where I also studied theology. I spent time as a Bereavement Counselor trainee for the Center for Grief Care and Education at San Diego Hospice helping individuals and families work through grief and loss. I also have a deep love for animals and spent 10 years caring for and enriching the lives of various exotic species from tigers to sea lions. Most recently I am in process of completing an extensive training in body based trauma resolution called Somatic Experiencing.

To schedule an appointment or contact me call/text 619.252.9452 or email me at heatherruce@gmail.com